What is a patient case manager?

A patient case manager (PCM) provides a range of services to support individuals to achieve a better quality of life. The PCM not only acts as an advocate for the patient and caregiver, but also plays an important role as a support services provider for the community within a modern healthcare partner ecosystem.

What are other names and titles for patient case manager?

The titles use may differ by each healthcare provider. Most commonly used are case manager, patient care advocate, care assessors, patient navigator and the likes

Why should you use Medicus?

Medicus was started by a cancer survivor and many of the patient case managers (PCMs) in the firm have personally experienced the challenges of a loved one diagnosed with catastrophic or terminal illness. Each Medicus’ PCM understands what you and your loved ones are going through, and we want to come along side and help you navigate this journey to full recovery. Many of our patients and their families have benefited from our services since 2011.

When someone is seriously ill, is a good doctor or a good hospital more important?

The role of a primary doctor should never be underestimated. The first connection with a medical professional may save your life. An experienced and meticulous doctor is able to detect a troubled area long before a problem manifests. However, a hospital with efficient and well-trained members of staff is of utmost importance as minutes can save a patient’s life.

My source of information for treatment is either by word-of-mouth or through hearsay from disparate and well-meaning sources? How do I know what is best for me?

The best information you’ll have is when you meet the specialist. The first step to take in obtaining the appropriate information to make a decision is identifying the medical discipline; i.e. the type of specialists. In the past, traumatised individuals come to us thinking they have a cancerous growth but have returned home happy and relieved because the specialist discovered the growth was benign.

Is my referring doctor or clinic important to the process of seeing a specialist?

It is critical that an experienced medical doctor or healthcare provider refers you as they are familiar with the type and scope of information that is required of the patient for Medicus to make the appropriate recommendations. Many patients are traumatised by the initial diagnosis which makes the quality of referring party important as these individuals can provide counsel and ease the process.

Which medical specialist should the patient choose?

The choice of specialist is dependent on the initial diagnosis of the primary or referring doctor. Medicus works with the top and respected specialists in their field in Singapore and will endeavour to connect the patient with the right specialist. Also, the patient case manager can and do seek support from fellow care managers who have wealth of experience taking care of serious medical patients.

What can a patient case manager help me with?

Given the complex administrative works and professional clinical decisions, navigating a modern complex healthcare ecosystem is not easy. Medicus’ PCM plays an important role in assessing the patient and caregiver needs by formulating an quality and cost-effective care support plan and help to identify the appropriate healthcare provider(s).

As an advocate for the clients, the patient case manager (PCM) collaborates with other multi-disciplinary professionals in the healthcare delivery team, particularly the primary specialist doctor, to obtain the needed services including making a first-consult appointment. Based on the ini-tial assessment, case managers formulate a care plan and coordinate support for the individual and their families. The PCM manager presents opinion and feedback in a timely and effective manner to allow the patient and their caregiver to make informed decisions. In the event that a surgery is needed, the PCM will provide a continuum of services that includes recommendation of specialist(s) and making the necessary arrangements with the clinic, day surgery centre, or hospital.

The experience and knowledge of the PCM will help ensure that available resources are being used in a timely and cost effective manner and provide individual and their caregiver a peace of mind.

What is the difference between a patient case management from a second opinion?

Unlike a second-opinion which is a one-time medical consultation between a specialist and a patient, Medicus patient care management (M+) and palliative care services provide ongoing guidance and sup-port even after patients are discharged by the doctor(s) and hospital.

When should you or your caregiver approach Medicus?

Regardless of an individual condition, you should probably approach Medicus when you are facing a health related decision and require quality medical support. The patient case management services that we provide helps patients and their loved ones save time and money. Most of our new clients that approach us are individual or caregivers, and certain circumstances even their insurance brokers:

  • When you are concerned about your provisional diagnosis
  • When you are unsure about the potential outcomes of your recommended treatment
  • When you are apprehensive about the lack of ongoing coordinated care and support
  • When you are worried about the likely social and financial impact on your family members
  • When you are not clear if you can choose a doctor who is not on your health insurer’s panel of specialist

How do I know if I qualify for the free patient case eligibility check?

Click here for the eligibility. There is no pre-qualification and the first 30 minutes is free.

How do I contact a Medicus’ patient case manager?

Get started on your road to recovery today by reaching out to our PCM here.

How does Medicus’ patient case management works?

You will first need to make an online appointment with a patient case manager. For more information of the care support workflow is provided here. See also What can a patient case manager help me with?


Is the patient required to have scans and reports available for the appointment?

Doctors need all available and pertinent information to determine what is best for a patient they have yet to examine; even if the patient is in distress. It is advisable for patients to have scans and results of investigative reports ready as reports are caregiver should be the second pair of “ears” at the consultation with the specialist. The companion should also be able to help patient manage medication.

How much will the doctor/specialist consultations and other incidentals cost?

Consultation cost of all panel specialists on Medicus website is indicated when patient log-in to make an appointment with the preferred physician. Please note that you will need to have an email and a Singapore registered mobile phone for verification purposes when you register online. You may also Medicus health platform to book on behalf of your dependents. Any additional cost for other treatments, prescriptions, and other incidentals incurred are unique to each patient and will need to be paid directly to the clinic that you have selected.

How much does Medicus charges for your patient case management services?

Medicus does not charge the patient for patient case management services. Medicus believes that this is important value-add service that will bring direct positive results to the patient and his or her loved ones.

How and when will I know how much the proposed treatment may cost?

The clinic or the doctor can often give a estimated figure to a major treatment before the decision is made. The patient care manager can certainly ask for one on the patient's behalf.

You may also find the latest information gathered from The Ministry of Health Singapore's website that uses different benchmarking methodologies. The fee benchmarks exclude Goods and Services Tax (GST) and anesthetist fees. For Singapore citizens, you may find out more of maximum claims allowed for the certain surgical operations from Central Provident Fund Singapore website.

How soon after contacting Medicus can a patient be expected to get an appointment with a spe-cialist?

The Medicus’ digital healthcare platform provides for appointment with the specialists within two days which is approximately the same time taken for your insurer’s pre-authorisation to be approved. However for urgent cases, Medicus will help admit patient and arrange for doctors to provide emergency treatment with the doctor/specialist of choice.

Why do I need to sign a consent form and a medical confidentiality waiver?

The patient’s consent is needed due to the highly sensitive and confidential nature of personal medical information. The confidentiality waiver allows Medicus to share your medical information with healthcare providers and doctors, and consult with them regarding your situation. By accepting the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions set forth on Medicus website, it confirms your understanding of the nature of Medicus’ care support services and express that you wish to continue to engage us.

Can I use my health insurance scheme to pay for the costs of doctor and/or specialist consultations and treatments?

The medical coverage is dependent on the type of medical insurance policy you have. Please seek the advice of your insurance advisor or call the helpdesk of your respective insurer.

What happens if I chose to be admitted to a public hospital?

Our patient case manager will provide you with the contact number of your hospital of choice or you can also find out the details of your preferred hospital from our Singapore healthcare directory. However, if mobility is an issue and you call Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Emergency Medical Services at 995, note that you’ll be sent to the nearest public hospital from your location instead.

What happens if I prefer to use my own doctor?

Yes, depending on information provided to our patient case manager.

Does patient case manager help with health insurance advisory?

No, Medicus is an independent patient case management and digital healthcare platform connecting patients to healthcare service providers. For insurance matters, we are only able to furnish information which is available online to the public from third party partners.

Can I choose a doctor whom is not on my health insurer’s panel of specialist?

Yes. However, depending on the medical insurance policy you hold, you may have to pay the difference in costs. For example, if you have a plan that covers single bed wards in public hospitals but you wish to see a specialist who may admit you to a private hospital. In such cases, you can decide which is more important; the specialist or the hospital.

Who can help me process my surgery and hospital claims?

Though most hospitals and clinics have an e-filing system, some claims may have to be processed manually. Kindly check details with your financial advisor or call hotline of your insurer.

Can I claim for my prescription and after care?

The medical coverage is dependent on the type of medical insurance policy you have. Please seek the advice of your insurance advisor or call the helpdesk of your respective insurer.

I am a foreign patient; can I use your patient case management services?

Yes, if you current reside in Singapore. Kindly make an appointment with our patient case manager.
For foreign patient currently residing outside of Singapore, you may want to check out more details from Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH) website and also the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority website.