What is Medicus+?

As our population ages, more Singaporeans will need specialised healthcare services. M+ is an integrated support service managed by Medicus Network. We coordinate and support pre and post consultation of each patient’s case. Medicus brings together dedicated and experienced medical specialists, local care professionals, healthcare providers and health insurers to deliver high quality medical support solutions to our community.

When should you or your caregiver approach Medicus+?

  • When you are concerned about your provisional diagnosis
  • When you are unsure about the potential outcomes of your recommended treatment
  • When you are apprehensive about the lack of ongoing coordinated care and support
  • When you are worried about the likely social and financial impact on your family members
  • When you are not clear if you can choose a doctor who is not on your health insurer’s panel of specialists

Medicus+ specialist clinic network

We’re trusted by more than 60 specialist clinics in Singapore covering over 30 medical disciplines. Our panel of medical specialists are licensed by Singapore Ministry of Health Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB) to practice as a specialist and also registered under relevant specialty by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC).

Are you covered for outpatient health services?

Use Medicus to find doctors near you who take your health insurance card. It’s simple, secure, convenient, and it’s FREE! Get care anywhere, anytime. Read verified doctors’ profile, check real-time schedule of doctors, choose between a clinic visit or a video consult, and book an appointment online. Setting up an account before you have a medical problem will minimize delays later if you need quick care. Sign-up and take charge of your health today.

Patient’s testimonials

At Medicus, you’re not alone in your journey and road to recovery. We’re committed to helping our communities we operate in on their path to better health. For us, the difference is the human touch - the ability to talk to someone who cares and has the experience and knowledge to assist. Just as every person matters, so every healthy action counts - your first consult with a primary doctor may save your life. Many of our patients and their families have benefited from our services since 2011. Get started on your road to recovery today.


The process pre- and post-surgery was relatively smooth with much encouragement from the nurses, Auntie Agnes and reassurances from the doctors.

Leong Ling Shuang whose mom went through triple negative breast cancer surgery


We would like to sincerely thank Ms Agnes, who introduced us to all the doctors who have helped Ngoc find her cure.

Family caregiver, Oanh Bui on her sister-in-law’s treatment on Hodgkin’s Lymphoma


Looking back, I never thought I would undergo two surgeries in a span of 4 months. Two months into the new year 2020, I am back to my normal routine.

Dave Tiang, after removing a gallstone in mid-2019